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Since 1969, when it started supplying the U.S. military with its famous jungle boots during the Vietnam War, Altama has been making quality boots for the U.S. Armed Forces. Thanks to their reputation for quality and dependability, these rugged Altama boots are now even used outside of military applications. Many of these boots are just as protective and durable for hiking or other outdoor activities.

Whether you are looking for Altama desert boots or jungle boots, Altama has the footwear to provide you with maximum comfort and performance for the conditions you'll encounter. Anyone seeking a tough boot proven over decades in varied places and climates around the world should make sure to check out the big selection of Altama military, combat and jungle boots available at Work Boots USA.

Our inventory of Altama combat boots and Altama military boots are at-home in the mountains, jungle or even the desert. From Altama green jungle boots to maritime assault black shoes suitable for water operations, we have the footwear to fit your situation. We stock these boots in styles ranging from low-cut to high-sidewall.

Many boots feature Gore-Tex linings for maximum water resistance as well as slip-resistant outsoles and puncture resistance. Find out why all branches of the service, including the U.S. Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, are steady customers of this American boot company.

Need assistance with boot sizing? Check out the Altama Sizing chart.

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