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Way back around 1000 BC, our ancient ancestors got a brilliant idea: Why donít we take these separate leather soles, uppers and leggings weíve been wearing and join them together? Boom. BOOT. Work boots have come a long way over the past, oh, thousand years, and no matter how hard your job is, youíre lucky you donít have to wear soft soles and leather leggings around the work site Ė or fight off wild animals for survival.

Menís work boots and womenís work boots have made even greater strides over the past century. Technological advances in design, material and construction have pushed the basic, utilitarian, leather work boot of 1914 into the 21st century. Today, work boots for women and men are lighter, safer and more wearable than ever before. High-tech, cutting-edge materials are used to make footbeds that provide support and comfort, even after 12 hours on your feet. New waterproof materials and waterproofing technology promise to keep feet dry and comfy, even in the soggiest of situations.

While many work boots still feature steel toes, composite toes now provide the same level of protection but without weighing down your feet. Light-as-feather materials also allow manufacturers to make lightweight work boots for men and women, so workers arenít tromping around the job site wearing what feels like bags of concrete mix on their feet.

Work boots have changed drastically since the days when tribal nomads basically wore leather socks. What hasnít changed is how hard you work Ė and the fact that you need a boot to work just as hard as you do. Our selection of top-quality work boots can keep up with you, no matter what you put them through.

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