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Composite Toe Boots

Composite Toe Boots

Composite toes are industrial rated under the same standards as steel toes but are made of non-metallic materials such as carbon fiber, plastics, fiberglass and kevlar. This makes them lighter but also slightly larger due to the thickness of the materials needed to meet ASTM F2413-11 standards. They tend to have more of a “bulb” look to them. Composite toe boots won’t set off metal detectors and are better in cold climates providing great insulation and the toe won’t freeze. Because of these features, they tend to cost a bit more.

Composite toe caps however, are not as durable as steel toe caps when it comes to puncture resistance and overall durability. Steel can deflect a nail from nail gun where as a composite toe could actually be punctured, it may not reach your toes but it will be stuck in your boot. If the nail went in the same hole twice – you might actually get nailed. Composite toe caps are not as strong as steel or alloy toes when it comes to subsequent impact or compression to the same area, the materials just start to weaken significantly whereas a steel toe could take numerous impacts and still be useable.

Choosing the right type of safety toe will vary by occupation and requirements but typically you’ll want to go with a composite toe boot if you’re constantly going through metal detectors, work in cold weather and aren’t around nail gun or anything that can puncture your boot too often. With the best selection and lowest prices we have tons of options for composite toe work boots and even shoes from quite a few different vendors.

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