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For decades, Puma has been known worldwide for its top-quality, high-performance running and athletic shoes. Now working men and women can enjoy that unparalleled devotion to quality craftsmanship and materials with the Puma work boots, shoes and footbeds from Work Boots USA.

Puma has taken all that it has learned from designing premiere running shoes for decades and used that proprietary knowledge, combined with special innovations, to deliver protective shoes that offer the same quality, durability and reliability as its track shoes.

It doesn't hurt that these work shoes are also as good-looking as Puma's athletic footwear. These definitely are not your father's work shoes - or your mother's, for that matter. In fact, the good looks of these Pumas break down the boundaries between your working life and your daily life. They make it easy to transition from work to home and are as appropriate for running errands as doing your job. They are also perfect for hobbyists or DIYers who want a little extra protection for their pursuits. Puma's attention to comfort as well as safety means they will be a pleasure to wear on or off the job.

Our Puma lineup includes Puma steel-toe shoes designed to protect your feet from impacts. These steel-toe Pumas boast ASTM safety ratings, so you know you will be getting surefire protection as well as great looks with your Puma steel toes. Shoes in the Puma work-shoe collection also are available with electrical hazard protection as well as heat- and slip-resistance.

In addition to Puma work shoes and boots, we also carry Puma's line of Evercushion Plus Poron footbeds. These make economical replacements to prolong the life of your boots and also can serve to add additional padding and comfort to your current pair.

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