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"Do one thing and do it right" has been the motto at LaCrosse since its founding. All we can say is, LaCrosse must be doing something right. In business since 1897, LaCrosse has focused on making the world's best rubber boots. Of course, the company has grown and branched out over the years. Now you'll find boots that incorporate modern materials and leather as well as rubber. But it still pours all its energy and years of experience into making the best boots possible.

At Work Boots USA, we carry a huge selection of LaCrosse work boots, hip boots and waders. Available in men's, women's and youths' sizes and styles, this collection of footwear can handle just about any task, from farming to fishing, while keeping you comfortable and dry.

Whether you're looking for footwear for recreation, for work or everyday activities, you'll find a pair you can trust with LaCrosse boots. Steel-toe models are available to protect your feet from impacts. You can also choose from alloy, composite and soft toes. Pick from LaCrosse leather work boots as well as rubber boots. Choose from insulated versions for working or playing in arctic conditions as well as uninsulated boots to keep you comfortable in warmer climes.

Plenty of waterproof boots are available for wet-weather wear as well as slip-resistant boots for keeping your balance in treacherous wet conditions. LaCrosse hip boots and waders are renowned among anglers and hunters for their waterproof designs and comfortable fit. These are also ideal for irrigation and other tasks where conditions can get sloppy fast. On the ranch, farm or in any other job where you need sturdy, waterproof boots that won't let you down, LaCrosse will come through for you, as it has for so many others for so many years.

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