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When you're on the front lines and dangerous, stressful situations are a daily part of your job, you want the best equipment you can get to ensure your safety and that of everyone around you. If you're looking for footwear that can live up to and surpass your expectations, look no further than the Haix fire, forestry, police and EMS boots and shoes available from Work Boots USA.

We are premiere Haix boots dealers and want to be your Haix boot store. Whether you're looking for Haix Wildland boots specially designed for the dirty, dangerous work of fighting forest fires or for tactical boots for law enforcement or military service, you'll find what you're looking for here. We carry footwear specifically designed for women as well as men. In addition to our extensive selection of Haix shoes and Haix boots, we offer discounted prices and free shipping to the 48 contiguous states.

For decades, Haix has been making footwear to ensure the comfort and safety of those in the most dangerous occupations. Noted for incorporating the latest footwear technology, this company uses superior craftsmanship to produce top lines for police, firefighters and the military. In addition, you'll find plenty of options that are right for forestry occupations, including cut-resistant boots for logging, as well as rugged recreational pursuits like hunting.

No matter what occupation or recreation you pursue, one thing will be imperative for long hours on the job or in the field: total comfort. Haix boots and shoes are made with materials that meet or exceed industry standards and provide a customizable fit, helping prevent discomfort. In addition, many Haix boots use the smartly designed Haix Climate System to provide greater air circulation through special vents, taking moist air out of your footwear and bringing in fresh air to maximize your comfort.

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