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Since 1901, when the company started making boots as the Chippewa Shoe Manufacturing Company in Chippewa Falls, Wis., Chippewa Boots has been making footwear known for fine craftsmanship. That tradition continues today from one of the oldest bootmakers in the business, although now Chippewa has expanded its lineup to include casual shoes for men and women as well as its traditional roster of hard-working work boots. Made in the U.S. of the finest materials, these boots combine old-fashioned craftsmanship with modern innovation.

As you would expect with a company of this pedigree, you can find almost any type of boot suitable for any hard-working man or woman. From Chippewa logging boots to Chippewa steel toe waterproof boots, you'll be able to locate exactly the right style for your occupation when you shop the Chippewa work, outdoor and Western boots and shoes available at Work Boots USA. Besides Chippewa logger boots, we carry footwear for many other occupations, including law enforcement, EMS and fire.

Just for fun, we also stock plenty of Chippewa boots perfect for recreational use. You'll find sturdy, waterproof but lightweight footwear perfect for hunting, hiking or any other pursuit that takes you outdoors, where you are exposed to Mother Nature's sometimes unpredictable mood changes.

If you work or play in rattlesnake country, or anywhere else poisonous snakes are a problem, you should check out our Chippewa snake-proof boots. We also carry Chippewa motorcycle boots for bikers looking for solid protection as well as style on the road or off.

Thanks to our deep inventory, you can pick from a huge range of styles, sizes, heights and colors. If you've come to love and respect Chippewa boots in your occupation, you might want to take a look at our lineup of Chippewa casual shoes. They are just as sturdy and well-made as their boot brethren.

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