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Carhartt Boots and Shoes

Carhartt's motto - "Honest value for an honest dollar" - sums up its whole approach to the boots it makes. Although they aren't cheap, Carhartt boots represent a greater value compared to less expensive boots. That's because Carhartt boots and shoes boast the exceptional durability and quality the company's known for. And this company has plenty of experience. After all, it's been making durable workwear for American workers since its namesake, Hamilton Carhartt, founded the company four generations ago in Detroit in 1889.

Sure, Carhartt products cost more than some other products. But you'll find the slight extra cost pays off in the long run, thanks to better durability and superior performance on the job. And Work Boots USA offers you an extensive lineup of Carhartt boots on sale at attractive, discounted prices, making Carhartt footwear an even greater value.

Our huge inventory means you can find exactly the right Carhartt boots. Steel toe, composite tow and soft toe are just the start for the options available, letting you choose safety-toe or non-safety-toe footwear.

You'll discover boots and shoes specifically designed for men or women as well as footwear made to measure up to the challenges faced in different occupations. We carry fully waterproof Carhartt boots and shoes as well as Carhartts designed to be heat-, chemical- or abrasion-resistant. Oil- and slip-resistant Carhartt boots and shoes are a wise choice for anyone facing the challenge of working in slippery environments.

Many of these work boots are puncture-resistant and meet ASTM 2414-11 standards. We also carry Carhartts with electrical hazard ratings for safety when working with circuits.

In addition to standard lace-up boots and shoes, we carry Carhartt Wellingtons and Romeos that are easy to slip on and slip off. You'll appreciate their ease of use at the end of a long day's work or when you're running a little late in the morning and in a rush to get on the road.

Although Carhartt has become known for its products designed for working women and men, these shoes and boots are so good-looking and functional that you can wear them around town or for recreational pursuits like hiking and hunting. The same Carhartt quality that will make your working days safer and more comfortable will carry over into your free time.

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