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Date: 6/07/2012
Topic: New Puma Shoes

Recently we have added lots of brands to our site. In doing so, we had a lot more boots coming into the warehouse, and one of which really caught my eye. This would be the at Puma Shoe.

I noticed that these looked like a running shoe I would wear so I figured I would give it a try. The one I tried on was the Puma 642565. This shoe out the box was amazing.

First I would like to discuss the features. I am not typically around hot metals or materials, but they are heat resistant. The next is slip resistance. I often go from outside to inside the warehouse, and there is often times where I may step oddly and slide, but not with these on. These shoes have outstanding breathablity as well. I can’t stand when my feet get hot and sweaty, but they do not in these shoes. The best feature is in the composite toe. I often carry large boxes and packages around the warehouse, and have walked into racks with my feet. This composite safety toe can save a broken toe many a time.

The nice thing about the Puma shoes is the sizing and cut. Typically a boot will have a differing cut from a typical shoe, however this is not the case for the Puma. I wear a size 9 in a standard running shoe, and the size 9 in the Puma shoe fits perfectly. Another factor with the running style cut in the shoe, is that its features are like that of a running shoe, and often a nice gel insert in the heel to help on impact reduction.

From the style, features and sizing, these are perfect for warehouse and light construction use. I speak from experience.

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Date: 8/5/2011
Topic: Construction Site Singer Goes Viral

A construction work in New York has gained much attention. It is very typical to have construction going on around us; however this New Yorkers video is that of the worker singing. It is not just a hum or a whistle but an actual full song.

Gary Russo typically is working with iron, however when he is on a mic during his lunch break he set up for a show. Using a karaoke machine he sings tunes and amazes the passer by. Gary understands that there is lots of noise pollution that could upset all the locales during the construction; however he has been able to bring a smile to the locals.

The music he sings is not bad, nor annoying but classic, especially for New York. Working construction is hard enough as it is, however this man is able to find time for fun and entertainment for the neighborhood and himself.

Date: 8/1/2011
Topic: How It’s Made Creates a Greater Appreciation for the importance of safety footwear

Recently I have become a huge fan of How its Made. You get to see how the items that we use on a day to day basis are made in factories and all the skilled workers to make it happen. The continual energy that is required to keep going is amazing. I did notice that in the beginning you see employees all wearing boots. I didn’t put much though into it, but then I noticed even the executives of the company were wearing boots!

As the show progressed I quickly realized why they all have on safety boots. These machines are intense! Not only can the machines easily harm someone, but the product from all the cutting, shavings, and materials could easily take your feet out. I watched people from caring molten glass to cooling tables, to caring buckets of shavings from steel. The whole time I kept thinking what skill these people have to move so quickly and efficiently and not get hurt.

The great thing about the show is not only do you learn about how stuff was made, but gain an appreciation for how it is done. Prior to the show, like many I thought it was all robots, however it all still requires that special human touch to get the job done right!

If you wish watch the show you can find it from Discovery Science. Some of my favorites are how fire proof and steel toe boots are made, how Opalescent Glass is made, and baseballs.

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