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Bates Sizing

Boot/Shoe Widths

Bates footwear is made in an array of widths in order to provide customers with the best fit possible. See chart below for width descriptions:

  • N= Narrowest width
  • B= Narrow width
  • D= Average or medium width
  • M= Equal to a "D" or medium width
  • E= the narrower of the "wide" widths
  • W= Equal to an "E" or wide width
  • 2E or EW= Extra wide width
  • 3E= A little more wide than a 2E
  • 4E= Our widest width offering
Whenever possible, you should have your foot measured with a Brannock device by a shoe care professional. Using a Brannock device is the most accurate method to determine your shoe size and width.

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