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Additional Shipping Policies

Order Changes, Updates or Incorrect Addresses

If you need to modify or update your order and/or your shipping address please contact Customer Service as soon as possible. If your order is already being processed or it is already transit we may not be able to make any updates.

If it is undeliverable due to an incorrect shipping address (that you entered incorrectly) or you entered the wrong address, you will be subject to additional shipping fees.

If we need to stop shipment for any reason you will be subject to an additional fee of $19.95 per package. If the stop shipment then needs to be rerouted, you will also be subject to additional shipping fees on top of the stop shipment fee.

If your order is undeliverable for any error on Work Boots USA, you will not be subject to any additional fees.

Processing & Shipping Delays

In some cases shipments from specific brands may be delayed. These notifications are included in the product descriptions as accurately as possible. Whether disclosed or not, we are not responsible for any delays from any shipping center due to carrier issues, weather or unforeseen circumstances nor will we issue any discounts, refunds or credits for such issues.

Missing Packages

If your shipment is missing or lost in transit please contact Customer Service immediately. We will contact the shipping carrier and try to locate the package. We will not issue any refunds, credits or send any replacements until the shipping carrier has either located the package or confirmed it was or wasn’t delivered. If your claim or report is filed beyond a shipping carriers acceptable date range, we will not be able to assist you nor will we be able to issue any refunds or send any replacements.

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