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WaterproofBuy Waterproof Boots from Work Boots USA with a low price guarantee and top rated customer service. You can compare multiple Waterproof Boots styles and find exactly your size from brands like Belleville, Matterhorn Boots, CAT, Wolverine Boots, Bates Boots and more. Waterproof Boots are often made in every style and can come with many other features. There are waterproof seals, and waterproof leathers. Often a waterproof leather will be thicker, slightly heavier, and will also have a waterproofing agent sprayed on them. Basically the entire outside of the boot is waterproof as the expense of weight and breathability. Boots with a Nylon, Mesh, or other delicate leathers will typically have a membrane that is waterproof. Some brands have developed their own waterproof seals which is also sprayed on the boots. This spray keeps the weight down, increases beading of the water, and allows the boot to breath a bit more. Depending upon the brand, they will typically state if they are using a specially sprayed membrane. Waterproof boots are a great choice when working in wet environments, however you will need to make sure the waterproof seal continually works for you and possible reapply a waterproof spray.

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