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Tactical Research

Tactical Research is a brand that was created by the trusted Belleville. Using their history and knowledge of boots, Tactical Research has created a new style of boot, for the feet on the ground. Offering the most popular colors in combat and tactical boots, Tactical Research offers a wide array of boot options

Comfort and trust in your boots are key to every mission whether it be in battle, or on an airsoft field. These boots combine top materials and research to create a comfortable, durable, and appealing boot. These boots offer many functions differing in each boot such as waterproof materials, side zip for easy on off, lightweight materials so your boots do not slow you down, and safety toes.

These boots offer great technology advancements like NOMEX, X-Static, Thinsulate, MemerMax, Cordura, and Vibram soles. Boots must adapt over time to become better, stronger, and lighter. Tactical Research has excelled at accomplishing this, without sacrificing quality.

Taking the building, taking the hill, holding a post, Tactical Research boots help you get it done.

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