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Steel Toe Boots

Steel Toe Boots

Your job may require footwear that is made with a protective or safety toe steel cap and here at Work Boots USA we offer some of the best steel toe work boots for men and women at always low prices.

Steel toe work boots are industrial rated under either ASTM standards F 2412-11, ASTM F 2413-11. These industry standards require specific test methods and performance requirements that can cover resistance to impact, compression, metatarsal impact, and electrical conductivity as well as resistance to electrical hazard, puncture resistance and static dissipative performance. All ASTM F2413 rated safety toe boots have a minimum I/75 impact rating for 75 pounds and C/75 compression rating of for 2,500 lbs of pressure.

Steel toe work boots are most common in the construction industry but they are also utilized in manufacturing, law enforcement, and the military along with first responders such as firefighters and EMS techs. No matter what your occupation is, we’ll be able to match you up with the perfect steel toe shoes to meet any job requirements. Wolverine and Timberland will offer the best steel toe work boots for men while Reebok and Puma will offer the best steel toe work shoes for women. Rocky and Thorogood are great brands and Georgia has been known to have the most comfortable steel toe boots for work.

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