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Reebok Dauntless Seamless 8 Inch Tactical Black Boot RB8720
The Reebok Dauntless Seamless 8 Inch Tactical Black Boot RB8720 is built to be extremely lightweight, and incredibly durable. This seamless boot will have less tear and damage points. This boot is a soft toe boot, which will be 8 Inches tall and offer...
Retail Price: $129.00
Work Boots USA: $99.99
Reebok Boots

The Reebok brand is best known for athletic shoes, but they've taken their experience of making lightweight, agile, and comfortable shoes and created a line of boots that feel just as comfortable as trainers. Even though these boots excel in comfort, they are still tough enough to provide protection on the job. Safety features include ASTM-rated steel or composite toes, slip resistance, metatarsal guards, electric hazard ratings, and more. Reebok creates specialized lines of boots for the military and law enforcement, as well as boots for workplace protection.

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