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Puma Safety Shoes

Puma Safety Shoes

Puma has been known around the globe for their high performance, and perfected running shoes. Thankfully, Puma has decided to take the knowledge and technology they have for their running shoes and use them for work shoes. Offering Steel toe and Composite toe shoes, Puma has created a line of work shoes that will help keep you safe on the job, while providing your feet with comfort, and support of a running shoe

Puma work shoes have differing variations for their shoes so you can get what you need to make sure your feet last. Some of the options are water repellent, static dissipative, slip resistant, heat resistant, and many more. When you are looking for the lightest weight work safety shoe, Puma knows what you need.

For a quick guide and key to the icons, you can reference Puma Icon Key

For their technology, and advanced foot wear design you can go to Puma Technology! the running shoe technology Puma running tech and you can also see quickly what shoe offers what using this comparison grid Puma Comparison Grid

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