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Postal Approved

All of the shoes and boots in this section have been approved by the Post Master General as acceptable footwear for Postal Employees. All of these shoes meet Post Office Regulations regarding features and country of origin. If you are not a Post Office Employee, but are on your feet all day, postal approved boots and shoes are a choice to consider as if it works for them, it might work for you as well. Postal employees are on their feet as much or more than workers in most other industries. They know which shoes and boots are up to the task.

Bates Lites 6 Inch Leather Lace-Up 00058
Bates Lites Oxford 00056
Bates Lites Leather Padded Collar Men's Chukka
Bates Lites Buckle Mens Chukka
Corcoran Mens Traditional Leather Service Dress Oxford
Reebok Women's Postal Certified Footwear CP810
Reebok Postal Certified Footwear CP8101
Reebok C8275 Mens Postal Athletic Hi-Top
Reebok C8300 Mens Postal Certified Footwear
Reebok C8375 Mens Postal Athletic Hi-Top
Reebok C8475 Mens Waterproof Sport Hiker Postal Approved
Reebok Women's Postal Certified Chukka C850
Rockport Works Women's World Tour Oxford RP257
Rockport Works Womens' Black Plain Toe Oxford RP259
Rockport Works Women's Pro Walker Athletic Oxford RP261
Rockport Works Pro Walker Athletic Oxford RP2610
Rockport Works Waterproof Sport Boot RP8510
Rocky TMC Postal Approved Duty Chukka Boots
Rocky TMC Postal Approved Duty Boot 5010
Rocky TMC Plain Toe Oxford
Rocky Women's TMC Plain Toe Chukka
Thorogood 6 Inch Waterproof / Insulated Sport Boot (Non-Safety)
Thorogood 8 Inch Front Zip Uniform Boot
Thorogood 8 Inch Waterproof/Insulated Weatherbuster
Thorogood Athletic Postal Oxford
Thorogood Code 3 Enforcer Oxford
Thorogood Code 3 Mid Cut
Thorogood Code 3 Oxford
Thorogood Midtown Mid-High N.E.O.S 161-0045
Thorogood Adventurer 15 Inch N.E.O.S 161-0100
Thorogood Voyager 11 Inch N.E.O.S 161-0200
Thorogood Explorer 11 Inch Insulated N.E.O.S 161-0300
Thorogood Women's 6 Inch Waterproof/Insulated Sport Boot 534-6342
Thorogood Women's Code 3 Mid Cut 534-6555
Thorogood Double Track Oxford 534-6908 Women's
Thorogood Women's Oxford Freedom 534-6931
Thorogood Women's Oxford Liberty 534-6932
Thorogood Women's Mid Cut Liberty 534-6933
Thorogood Classic Leather Oxford 834-6027
Thorogood Plain Toe Oxford (Non-Safety) 834-6905
Thorogood Moc Toe Oxford 834-6907
Thorogood Double Track Oxford (Non-Safety) 834-6908
Thorogood Oxford Freedom 834-6931
Thorogood Oxford Liberty 834-6932
Thorogood Mid Cut Liberty 834-6933
Thorogood Womens Plain Toe Oxford (Non-Safety)
Thorogood Ultimate Cross-Trainer
Thorogood Women's Athletic Postal
Thorogood Women's Black Double Track Oxford (Non-Safety)
Thorogood Women's Classic Leather Oxford
Thorogood Women's Code 3 Mid Cut
Thorogood Women's Code 3 Oxford
Thorogood Women's Plain Toe Chukka
Thorogood Women's Ultimate Cross-Trainer

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