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Law enforcement officers endure crazy amounts of crazy, day in and day out. Our police officers chase suspects through backcountry and backyards. Our sheriff’s deputies stand for hours during stand-offs. Our state troopers break up rioting crowds and wrestle one-on-one with combative criminals. They do what it takes to protect their communities, and here at Work Boots USA, we do what it takes to protect our first responders’ feet. Police officers and other law enforcement officials have tough jobs, and they need tough boots. Work Boots USA offers a variety of police boots and law enforcement boots that help officers get the job done, no matter what the job calls for in the heat of the moment. We select, stock and sell tactical boots and duty boots that are specially designed for the needs of law enforcement and provide ultimate comfort without sacrificing function. We have unbeatable prices on police boots from brands such as 5.11, Bates, Danner, Rocky, Striker, Smith and Wesson, Timberland, Wolverine and many more.

Whether you’re a cop on the beat or a sergeant on the SWAT team, our police boots feature a variety of specialized technologies designed for the demands of the job, including side-zip, steel toe, safety toe, composite toe and waterproof boots. We even have boots that are resistant to blood-borne pathogens because blood, sweat and spit are part of the job, too. But Work Boots USA goes beyond police boots. We offer police footwear for full dress uniforms, including high-gloss oxfords, leather oxfords and high-gloss chukkas.

At Work Boots USA, our team also handles large government orders for police departments, sheriff’s offices and state patrols. Call us, email us, fax us—or even send smoke signals—and we will get back to you right away with our best possible quote. We can help you with all your law enforcement boot needs. Work Boots USA is also CCR registered and can accept IMPACT and all other government credit cards.

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