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We have two feet. That's it! That is all we were given. And as blue collar workers, we clearly know the safety and comfort of our feet depend on the gear we utilize. We must have 100% faith in the products we use every day. That's why you will only get the top-of-the-line products at Each product on our site has been chosen for its reliability and durability. With years of hard work under our heels we know what is most important, which is why we will make sure we are able to bring you the highest quality merchandise at the lowest prices you will find.

We know our product and we stand behind our name. We have to...our feet depend on it!

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Please feel free to e-mail us at with any further questions or comments you might have.

Here are some returns documents for quick returns and exchanges and you can find our additional return information here: Return Policy.

Our returns address is:

Work Boots USA
18 Technology Dr.
Suite 106
Irvine, CA 92618

When using the Work Boots USA filters to sort and locate products, these filters will include all boots that have any of the features selected. Please note that if you select multiple features, not all boots will contain ALL the options selected

We do not accept back any bulk orders of 5 items or more, please contact customer service prior to your return for assistance regarding your order.

All orders shipped to California will be charged sales tax of 7.25%.



Pricing, specifications, availability and terms of offers may change without notice. Taxes, fees and shipping and handling charges extra, and vary. Items offered at below retail prices may or may not be backordered depending on future availability. cannot be held responsible for pricing or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel orders arising from such errors.

Shipping policy

Shipping is free on orders over $75 unless expedited shipping or USPS is selected. For all expedited shipping orders, they must be placed prior to 5AM Pacific Time to have them ship the same business day. Expedited shipping is unavailable when shipping to a PO Box, as only USPS is allowed to deliver to these locations. Buyers are responsible for all shipping costs. We primarily use UPS Ground Residential service, 3 Day UPS, 2 Day UPS, or UPS Overnight Shipping. Ordered items will usually ship within 1-2 business days. For orders shipping outside the contiguous US (AK, HI, PR, VI or military addresses overseas) have a $14.95 USPS shipping charge. In some circumstances, shipment could be delayed for reasons beyond our control. If you have not received your order within seven to ten business days from date of shipment (weekends and holidays excluded), please contact our Customer Service Team for further assistance. We ONLY ship via USPS to Alaska, Hawaii and APO/FPOs. We do not guarantee shipment dates or delivery dates. If you are at an APO address and this web site does not charge for shipping because you selected a UPS method we will convert the shipping method to USPS Priority Mail and charge for shipping (unless a free shipping special applies). If a package is delayed due to issues/problems with a carrier service (UPS, USPS, or Fed Ex) we will not refund your shipping (you will have to address the issue with the shipping company). In some cases we may ship an item via a different method than what you picked if our method will get it to you faster (i.e. shipping via USPS instead of UPS). UPS return labels (ARS) may only be used for the items indicated. If you use them for a different item/brand you will be charged for its use.


If a customer is in receipt of merchandise that was drop-shipped (merchandise from one of Work Boots USA, Inc.’s distributors shipped directly to the customer), it is the customer’s responsibility to contact Work Boots USA about any and all concerns regarding the drop-shipped merchandise. We will not be held liable for issuing refunds and/or exchanges on any drop-shipped merchandise that a customer has chosen to return to the distributor. In addition, Work Boots USA, Inc. will not be held liable for any missing or damaged items that the customer has chosen to return to the distributor. Furthermore, if drop-shipped merchandise has been returned to the distributor by the customer, Work Boots USA, Inc. reserves the right to end all further assistance and proceedings regarding the customer’s order. Orders also cannot be Billed Internationally and Shipped inside the U.S.

USPS Packages

Claims on missing packages shipped via USPS Priority Mail can only be processed within 90 days from the date the order / merchandise was shipped. The United States Postal Service cannot process a claim that is issued past the 90 days. After 90 days we will NOT be able to assist you with your missing package / shipment. No exceptions! Claims can only be opened AFTER 45 days from date of shipment of merchandise. To correctly process a claim, the customer must send us a faxed or mailed letter with his/her signature and current date; or an email accompanied by a letter signed and dated, clearly stating that he/she has not received his/her merchandise within the allotted time and requests that issues a claim for the missing merchandise/package.

UPS delayed shipping – no reimbursement cannot be held responsible for any packages that are delayed in delivery due to unforeseen carrier service issues (UPS, Fed Ex, USPS). If this should occur, the customer will address the matter with the respective shipping company directly. Work Boots USA, Inc. will NOT contact the carrier for any reimbursement issues. Under NO circumstances will be responsible for compensating customer-requested carrier-issued reimbursements. The customer is solely responsible for contacting the carrier and seeking self-reimbursements.

Exchanges / Free Shipping Offer /Free Item offers / Sale Priced items

Any exchange request will incur a new shipping and handling charge. Free shipping offers only applies to the first purchase and not exchanges thereafter. Returns for items shipped under a free shipping special are subject to restocking fees and our cost of shipping on the original order.

Offers for free items are one per customer per offer per week. Customers have attempted to place several orders in an attempt in increase the amount of free promo items they would receive. We do not allow this practice. All free offers and free promo items are while supplies last. If we run out of a free promo item we are not obligated to provide it to you at a later time. If there is a problem with your free promotional item or free shipping you must report it within 30 days of shipment.

From time to time items will be offered for sale at a reduced price. Customers who bought any item prior to a sale do not have a right to the difference unless it is stated in the sale. It is our policy that sale prices only apply to new purchase. Sale prices do not apply to orders placed before the sale went into effect and we will not credit customers the difference in price between the sale price and the old price.

Coupons - For some items or combination of purchased items it may appear to the customer that multiple coupons (free shipping or a % or $ amount discount) could apply. We only allow ONE coupon code to be used per order (ie you get free shipping OR a discount, but not both). In some situations we may allow two coupons to be applied, but this would have to be pre-approved by a, Inc customer service manager.

Some items on the site will be clearly labeled indicating they do not get free shipping as most other items in the same brand do. If you disregard this statement and attempt to apply an ineligible coupon to your order we will add shipping charges when we process your order. We will not contact you ahead of time.

Items offered to you in the checkout shopping cart at lower than normal prices DO NOT GET FREE PROMOTIONAL ITEMS OR FREE SHIPPING! It's pretty simple. If you pay the regular price for items then you get the free stuff. If you purchase items at the lower price offered in the shopping cart area (cross-sell offers) you do not get free stuff.


Mail-in Orders

We recommend that if you choose to mail in your order, you should include payment via cashier's check or your credit card information. If you include a personal check as payment with your mail-in order, your order will not ship until your check has been deposited and cleared by the bank. This could cause a delay of your shipment for up to three weeks. Once the bank has cleared your personal check, you will receive an email confirmation from us regarding the processing and shipment of your order.


Returned Checks

A $25.00 bank fee will automatically be incurred on all returned checks. If this occurs, we will attempt to contact you immediately at which time we will require full payment of your account, including the additional bank fees. The account MUST be paid in full via credit card or cashier's check. If the account is NOT paid off in full within a reasonable period of time (30 days from our receipt of the returned check), your account will then be forwarded to our collection agency for further pursuance and additional incurred charges. Warranty Statement does not offer any warranty on any product. By law, manufacturers are responsible for all warranties they offer with their products. We will assist customers beyond our return period if we have specific arrangements with that manufacturer to do so. In most cases we will provide the customer the means to contact the manufacturer for warranty issues. We will not take items back once our return period has elapsed.

At times we may offer an extended warranty for particular items. These offers will only cover the listed item(s). In all other cases the customer is responsible for dealing with the manufacturer directly on warranty issues. Policy Regarding Customers Entering Wrong Ship To Addresses, Ordering Incorrect Items, And Requesting Changes To Their Orders attempts to ship orders as quickly as possible. As a result once an order is submitted via any method (Website, mail, fax, or phone) we will not be able to make changes to your order once it has been processed, nor will we be able to stop it from shipping. The customer is responsible for making sure their order is accurate (shipping address, shipping method, and items ordered including sizes, gun fits, colors and quantities). If you do make an error in ordering you will have to follow our Return Policy. If possible, we can attempt to change the ship to address once the package has been shipped, however, we are completely subject to the shipping companies policies (ie If they say the ship to address cannot be changed once the package left us then there is nothing we can do for you). If the address can be changed a $10 service charge will apply (this is what UPS charges us to change an address of a package in transit) will not be responsible for errors made by customers entering wrong information. We will not reship the order for free, nor pay for the incorrect items to be shipped back to us. Items needing to be returned are subject to our Return Policy.

Order Comments

Please note that we at do all that we can to accommodate the special requests that our customers have. That being said, there are times where orders are processed automatically before we are able to execute the comments that customers leave in their order during the checkout process. Please note that the comments will be handled as a request, and they may or may not be executed before the order is processed. Due to the large volume of orders we incur, customers will not be notified if we are unable to accommodate those requests. Please be aware that your comments will not be seen by shipping carriers and directions about delivery will not be followed.

** Labor Day Sale Terms and Conditions. - 10 Percent Coupons can be used as many times as you like and apply to all items in your order. - 25% and 50% coupons are sent to randomly selected customers and can only be used once per customer and have a maximum order size of $500. - All Labor Day Coupons will expire at the conclusion of the sale.

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