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How to clean and Maintain your Bates Boots

Here is the information you require to get the most out of your Bates boots and shoes, suggested by the Bates themselves

  • Store shoes and boots with a shoetree. This will help the shoe retain its shape while drying it properly. Never store or dry shoes near direct heat.
  • To extend the life of your Bates product it is recommended to alternate your shoes daily. Pairs alternated everyday and stored overnight with shoetrees will typically last more than twice as long as a single pair of shoes worn everyday.
  • For cleaning Hi-Gloss shoes

  • Use Bates Poromeric Cleaner. Just follow directions on bottle.
  • For cleaning Leather

  • Remove excess dirt with a soft brush.
  • For the most effective shine remove the laces before you start polishing.
  • If using a polish or cream be sure to apply evenly with a brush or soft cloth. Once polish has dried buff to a shine using a natural bristle brush.
  • Instant shine liquids are also available. Remove excess dirt then evenly apply liquid to leather portion of your shoe or boot. These formulations dry to a shine without buffing.
  • For cleaning Wolverine Warrior Leather or rough side out leather

  • Wolverine Warrior Leathers unique properties allow for more liberal cleaning techniques than other rough out boots.
  • Allow dirt to dry before cleaning. Brush dried dirt from boot with a medium bristled brush.
  • After removing loose dry dirt, a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap can be applied with a medium bristle brush. Rinse with clear water and repeat if necessary.
  • Allow to dry naturally.
  • Rebrush the entire boot with a clean medium bristle brush. This process will help to reactivate the 3M Scotchgard that was applied during the tanning process.

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