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Bates Sizing

Tap your heel back in the heel cup and lace the boot. The boot should feel snug across the ball, around the instep, and in the heel. The arch should be comfortably supported and the toes should be free to wiggle and curl.

The toes should not jam into the front of the boot. Check this by lightly tapping the toe of the boot into the floor. If the boot fits correctly, the toes should gently touch the end of the boot.

Bates footwear is made in an array of widths in order to provide our customers with the best fit possible. See chart below for width descriptions:

  • B = Narrow width
  • C = One width wider than B
  • D = Average or medium width
  • E = the narrower of the “Wide” widths
  • EEE = our widest width
  • M = Equal to a “D” or medium width
  • W = Equal to an “E” or wide width
  • EW = Equal to an “EEE” or extra wide

Whenever possible have your foot measured with a Brannock device by a shoe care professional. Using a Brannock device is the most accurate method to determine your shoe size and width.

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