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Since 1969 Altama has been the leading manufacturer for the US Department of Defense as well as well as military personnel worldwide. Altama has been committed to creating the highest quality boots to make sure you can make it there and back.

Altama is now coming back with updated boots from the highest quality materials and designs possible. These boots are made with the perfected and patented technique for molding and attaching rubber soles to a welted upper. Altama has created a vast line of boots for all those needing military and tactical boot. Most of Altama’s boots will be made in the USA in Morristown, TN for the highest standard in quality assurance.

Altama boots will offer varying features so you can find the perfect boot for you. Many of these features include Gore-Tex, Side Zippers, slip resistant, safety toes, puncture resistance, and Made in the USA boots. Not only will the provide options for the latest in military and tactical boot design, but they will be offering them in military regulated colors as well as a line of Berry Compliant boots. Stop worrying about your feet, and let Altama take care of them for you!

Their most popular boots such as the G.I. Temperate Weather 8 Inch USA Made Boot 411402, and the Airman Temperate Weather 8 Inch Boot 411505 will be coming back, and ready for duty!

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